Bill Kee, Associate Product Marketing Manager

When we launched Gmail, we set out to change the way email works. We designed it so you should never have to delete mail and always be able to find the message you want. Since then, we've added things like integrated chat, mobile access, more storage, and better spam protection.

And now there's this blog, where we'll keep you up to date on latest from the Gmail team. We'll post feature updates, productivity tips, and some insights into the people and the technology behind Gmail. And since Gmail works even better with Google Calendar and Docs & Spreadsheets, you'll find posts from folks on these teams as well.

One of the really exciting things about working on Gmail is seeing all of the great ideas that people come up with for integrating Gmail into daily life. Whether it's turning Gmail into your personal nerve center, cool ways to use Google Calendar with Gmail, a lot of its juice comes from you. This blog is a place where we want to highlight interesting and useful posts from elsewhere. And we look forward to sharing some of the fun and crazy things we're up to around the office.

So stay tuned.